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SR 347: The Lifeline of Maricopa

SR 347 is the main route in and out of the City of Maricopa, AZ. It plays a crucial role in the community's daily life and its future growth. Learn about its current funding status and how you can help us secure the funding needed to improve and maintain this crucial infrastructure.

SR 347 Funding

What's Funded and What's Not

Here's a detailed breakdown of the current funding status for SR 347.

Riggs Road Overpass

  • Study/Design Funded
  • Part of ADOT 5 year plan
  • Construction expected to begin in late 2027

Design for Corridor Widening

  • Funds allocated
  • Part of ADOT 5 year plan
  • Design currently underway

Intersection Improvements at Casa Blanca Rd and Mammoth Way (Cement Plant Access Rd)

  • $18M funded in 2023
  • $1.9M in supplemental funding added in 2024
  • Part of ADOT 5 year plan
  • Scheduled to begin in late 2025

Queen Creek Overpass

  • Part of I-10 widening project

Completed: SR-347 Smith-Enke to City Northern Boundaries Improvements

  • Construction was completed in May 2024

Widening from Maricopa County Line to 1-10

  • Funded if Prop 479 is approved by Maricopa County residents
SR 347 Improvements

SR 347 Corridor Widening and Intersection Improvements

Learn more about the SR 347 Corridor Widening and Intersection Improvements project that was presented on April 23, 2024 at a Gila River Indian Community Elders Meeting.

The existing SR 347 Roadway on top with the proposed roadway on bottom
SR 347 Projects: Cost & Schedule
Preliminary Recommended Build Alternative - Casa Blanca Road
Secondary Alternative - Casa Blanca Road
Example "Florida T" intersection: SR 347 and Maricopa Road
Preliminary Recommended Build Alternative - Mammoth Way
Traffic congestion between a no build on SR 347 and with the Standard T
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about SR 347 and its funding.

When would the funds be available for the widening of the 347?

Please refer to the section about what's currently funded.

Will the widening of 347 actually help bring businesses here?

Yes, businesses that count on transportation, desire this road to be widened.

What happens if we don't get the funds needed for the 347?

The City of Maricopa, ADOT, MAG, Pinal County, GRIC, Maricopa County, along with State and Federal Legislature understand that this needs to be funded.

Why does the city continue to allow residential development when the 347 is so congested?

That is a very complex question. It's important to understand that AZ is a property owner rights state. A moratorium on residential development has significant requirements, one being that the city has control over the need for improvement. The City of Maricopa does not have control over SR347.

What happened from the funds collected from Prop 417?

Arizona Department of Revenue has passed the funds over to Pinal Regional Transportation Authority (PRTA) allowing them to determine how to return the funds to the businesses. The PRTA is currently in the process of determining this process.

When will the widening of the 347 be finished?

This is such a complex question. The residents of Maricopa will see smaller projects started and completed over the next 5-10 years (as seen on "What's Funded"). The rest will follow as progress with acquiring funding continues.

When will the widening of the 347 be started?

Unknown at this time.

Will the Riggs Rd overpass impact the widening of the 347?

No, the overpass can be completed separate from the widening. The widening + Riggs Rd overpass are both within the same design process.

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